Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington Trip

Washington was a blast!

So this was obviously Micah's Idea and Patric laughed a long time about this, he thought it was hilarious.
One of Patric's captivating stories!!

If you have seen the deadlies catch you know that it is about crab fishing and Micah loves it. Here is a picture of a crab boat.
The duck ride was so much fun! Our guide was funny and the little boy behind me blew his quacker the whole time ha ha. If you go to Washington this is one thing you should do!
Seattle sky line is amazing, this is on the fairy ride over.

This is the Oregon coast on the drive to Washington was beautiful.

Oregon trip!

Oregon is beautiful! We had so much fun with Brady, Jessica and the kids.
So this is kinda starting at the end of the hike but we did a mile hike up hill, it was a lot bigger of an incline than we had thought so the ice cold river at the top felt amazing.

One of the many beautiful views on our way up to the top of the waterfall!

This is us taking a break because I was tired. Jessica had Carter on the way up and Ella on the way down. The guys traded off between the book bag and the other child. I carried nothing and was the slowest one, but we all had fun!

We also got to pick some peaches! Micah helped Ella pick out some good looking peaches.

Ella was so cute she is showing me how to build a sand castle and after she showed me how to squash the castle like a monster with her feet!
The guys enjoying the water with the Kids, Micah is practicing:) The water felt so good on the 98 plus degree day!
Ella and Micah can't get enough time in the water!
Micah practicing for our little boy! Carter is walking like crazy now and we both got a good glimps of what is to come! Very fun and exciting.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday fun!

Micah and Don were able to go to Yellowstone on a day horse ride. They rode about 26 miles and both horses and men were tired by the time they got home. Nothing like some good father son time.

Micah once again on his new love Sky. He had such a great time that day this may be a yearly event.

Jealous of how beautiful it was there. Micah and I are going to visit there some day when I can ride a horse again or maybe there is another way like car ride and walking to get there!!

Micah hiked down to the bottom of the water fall and said it felt like a nice cool rain. Don stayed up at the top but a buddy of Micah's who went with them climbed down and they said they did not realize how steep it was until they were climbing back up.

this is one of my favorite pictures. Beautiful day and Micah having fun! He doesn't let me take many pictures of him so him taking one of him self is great! I'll take what I can get:)

Don poses for a picture as he gets on the horse. I don't know why B.J. and Micah were so amused but i figured I'd add it to the list of pictures!

Once again just another beautiful picture of Yellowstone. It looks amazing and I think there may have to be a trip in my near (I guess not that near) future to see this in real life!

Well while the guys were out and about Jessica a friend of mine went to a park and found a lot going on. We found out about Rett syndrome which only happens to girls and affects their neurological system had a benefit going on at porter park. We went in a tent that said silent auction and quickly figured out how it worked! I "won" this package for a little of $50 which was said to be worth over $100! I had a lot of fun and "won" a massage as well which I am very excited about! I guess Micah and I both had a really good day.