Saturday, December 18, 2010

Braxton with Santa

At first Braxton did not care for Santa.

He quickly calmed down and got his fingers tangled in Santa's beard.

Here is Braxton in his baby's first Christmas and his Santa's hat!

I had too much fun with this outfit, I took about a hundred pictures!

Braxton's Blessing

Braxton was blessed December 12th 2010, in the Stonebrook Apt. clubhouse, in Rexburg Idaho at 1 pm. He is wearing Micah's blessing outfit.

Here is us ready to go over to the clubhouse for the blessing.

he is even cute when he is unhappy.

This is Braxton Chilling after the blessing!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is so sweet to see Micah and Braxton taking a nap together!

Family photo time!!

Braxton's first nail clipping I let Nana do this part (a.k.a. i was too scared to do his first one)

Here is Micah drying off Braxton after his first bath!

Braxton's first bath.

This is the way we get Braxton to sleep at night! do what works for now.

Looks like grandpa and Braxton hit it off over Braxton's first Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Braxton

Ignore what I look like but here is our first family picture!

Our first outing, we are going to the doctors office for his first visit!

Here is Braxton after the doctors visit he is healthy, and weighs 6lbs 12.5oz.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

38 weeks

Sorry it took so long but here is a picture to show how big my stomach is getting!

Micah and I are so excited for Braxton Ty Jensen to join us. Yes that is the name we are going with unless he comes out and changes our minds!!! 2 more weeks (give or take)!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 week picture!

I know this is not the best picture in the world but it will have to do for now. School just started and I am hitting the ground running working ahead in all of my classes so that when the baby comes I'll be finished or have very little to do! Micah is working hard and taking a couple of online classes to hold his spot as a student while managing our apartment complex. Next semester he will be back in the classroom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington Trip

Washington was a blast!

So this was obviously Micah's Idea and Patric laughed a long time about this, he thought it was hilarious.
One of Patric's captivating stories!!

If you have seen the deadlies catch you know that it is about crab fishing and Micah loves it. Here is a picture of a crab boat.
The duck ride was so much fun! Our guide was funny and the little boy behind me blew his quacker the whole time ha ha. If you go to Washington this is one thing you should do!
Seattle sky line is amazing, this is on the fairy ride over.

This is the Oregon coast on the drive to Washington was beautiful.

Oregon trip!

Oregon is beautiful! We had so much fun with Brady, Jessica and the kids.
So this is kinda starting at the end of the hike but we did a mile hike up hill, it was a lot bigger of an incline than we had thought so the ice cold river at the top felt amazing.

One of the many beautiful views on our way up to the top of the waterfall!

This is us taking a break because I was tired. Jessica had Carter on the way up and Ella on the way down. The guys traded off between the book bag and the other child. I carried nothing and was the slowest one, but we all had fun!

We also got to pick some peaches! Micah helped Ella pick out some good looking peaches.

Ella was so cute she is showing me how to build a sand castle and after she showed me how to squash the castle like a monster with her feet!
The guys enjoying the water with the Kids, Micah is practicing:) The water felt so good on the 98 plus degree day!
Ella and Micah can't get enough time in the water!
Micah practicing for our little boy! Carter is walking like crazy now and we both got a good glimps of what is to come! Very fun and exciting.