Sunday, July 4, 2010

a little bump

So a lot of people have been asking about pictures of how big I am getting so this is me at
20 weeks (5months). I feel pretty big, actually huge, but I know I have a ways to go, and excited
for the new changes and experiences no matter how good or bad!
I am so blessed to be feeling great and able to enjoy the weather we have been having! Thanks for all those who wished me well! thanks:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

We are having a boy!

So thanks to Marissa I went shopping and found some of the below the rest I found at Walmart and D.I. I had to buy a few things now that we know we are having a little boy. But the hard part is thinking of names! !

I'm working on keeping a current blog but I promise I'll get better when the baby comes. We have also had some requests for a picture so we will try and take a good picture tomorrow and post it so you can see how big I am getting! 20 weeks! 20 more to go!

It's a boy!!

Yes our little boy has long toes just like his mom. We got to count all fingers and toes and all are accounted for!

The pictures aren't very good because I did not get a Cd this time so I'm doing what I can.