Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ohio trip

My Brother Aaron, Sarah, and their three beautiful children sealing.

Random picture of Braxton in a shirt that his cousin Haeley picked out for him!

More of my brother's family sealing

Talk about cuteness in white!

Ashlyn and Haeley helped take this picture.

Wow, go Micah changing a diaper:)

My Uncle Tim's birthday party

Happy Easter, Braxton was not a fan of the bunny ears!
Braxton's first flight. Going to Ohio!

Monday, April 4, 2011

more at 4 1/2 months

4 1/2 month Braxton

Sorry for the delay. We have been battling the flu, thrush, and me having my state tests and Praxis to take this semester. But all is well and he is getting so big. He is gaining weight according to schedule and is so long. Still has blue eyes and lots of blond hair. He loves his toys.

All ready for church. We just have to keep him away from the girls. He is such a big flirt.

Obviously not crawling yet but does scoot on the floor (very slowly), and loves to roll over.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

our crazy journey

So we went down to Utah, spur of the moment at 9 at night got there at 12:30, we had to get up early the next morning to see a camper. We bought the camper, I'll have to get better pictures of it and post it on here, and drove back up to Rexburg. We then packed again and headed to Jackson, which was a planned trip, to stay the night and go swimming then go to the elk refuge. Crazy to do with a two month old but it was really fun. Luckily for us he slept in the car but here he is enjoying his freedom of being out of his car seat!

We had him really bundled up for the trip and he slept most of the sleigh ride.

Here are the horses that pulled our sleigh to take us out to see the elk which we got really close to.

Here are pictures of all the elk and look how close we were to them.

We even got to see an eagle!

Here is the hotel we stayed in, we had our own little cabin, it was fun and really cute; and yes he is crying for Micah because he knows he is about to get back into his car seat again.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The new adventures with Braxton

I found this shirt and bow tie at DI for a dollar, I love it he looks like a little man!

Just relaxing before church while we try to get ready.

Last Sunday he had another cute outfit on!
Braxton and Micah sleep while I get ready for my first class, this is one of my favorite pictures:)

It was freezing on new years eve when we went to Marissa and Levi's to bring in the new year. here he is in a blanket in the suit and his arms and legs are all where the body should be, he is still to small to fit in the arms and legs of it.

Our first swimming experience as a family. He loved the warm water but we had to hold him because he did not fit in the floaty they had at Green Canyon.

Braxton's first experience with a horse, don't worry grandpa is holding the horse and Micah has a tight grip on Braxton!

Our very first Christmas as a family, it was so much fun and as you can see we quickly took a nap after presents were over, we were very tired.

Braxton does so many funny things with his arms and hands while he sleeps. It's amazing that he held up his arm like this for a long time while asleep. Micah and Levi say that he's having a revelation:)