Saturday, November 9, 2013

Picture taking session

So for an early Christmas gift I got a new camera, and I know I'm far from professional, but I sure had fun taking some of my kids!

Even though they are not looking at me, I love this one!

My Favorite picture of Braxton!

My Favorite picture of Taya

October Challenge

I challenged myself to do something fun with the kids every day through October, even if it is something small! Here is how it went!
Day #1 We started out playing with a huge balloon and making Hot Cocoa!
 Of course we had to add whipped cream!
Day #2 We painted rings out of paper plates and played ring toss!
Day #3 FHE I will obey lesson, And yes he said he wanted it to be upside down on purpose so that green is on top, because green means GO!!
Days #4/5 (We went a couple times) Lava now has an indoor water play place for kids and it is open every Tuesday for a couple hours all winter long!
Day #6 Braxton made a hand tree with finger print leaves!
Day #7 We made and decorated a sign that says we love you Daddy, and hung it outside our window!
 Day# 8 Braxton did some finger painting!
 Day #9 Braxton's favorite of the whole month was helping, which we were able to do a few times!!
Day #10 Riding in the Tractor with Daddy!

 Day #11 Bat Craft!
 Day # 12 Yes I read to him every day but today we decided we would read every book in our house! And I have decided that we have a ton of books:)
 Day #13 Braxton got to take a ride in a Semi, this boys loves to ride in anything that moves, and the bigger the better!
 Day #14 Carmel apples!!

 Braxton got to eat the first one!!
 Day#15 Yeah for corn mazes!
 And of course that came with a pumpkin patch!
Day #16 Mummy dogs, we made a special lunch and Dinner Together

Day #17 I dyed rice and hid letters in it, when he pulls out a letter he tells me what letter it is and the sound it makes, the ones he doesn't know I help him with:)

And this is what it looked like when he was through playing in it with tractors after we were finished with the letters!

Day#18 We went on a walk/bike ride with friends!

Day#19 We were able to go to the Park with friends!

Day #20 Halloween carnival at the elementary school!

 Day #21 Leaf craft
Day #22 Picture taking session!

 Day #23 Painting Pumpkins! Grandpa has never painted or carved pumpkins before, next year maybe we will carve them!
 Yeah for pumpkins!!!
Day #24 Pictures in our costumes!
Found buzz at the thrift store for just a couple bucks!!!

 My little lion!
My cowboy!

And my chicken

Day #25 Gymnastics, he has this once a week but they were able to dress up for class!

Day #26 Church trunk or treat!!! Braxton and a little girl he likes:)

Day#27 Baked pumpkin seeds!

Day#28 Story time, Once again we get to do this once a week but got to dress up for Halloween!

#29 Lunch with Nana!!! the lunch lades dressed up like witches and decorated the lunch room, it was so much fun!

Well most of us had fun, Taya decided it was a good time for a nap

After lunch Braxton got to walk in the Elementary school parade with his friend Mckayla

Then more fun treats!

Day #30 More fun with Daddy on the tractor!

Day # 31 We got to go play on a bus that a neighbor had, because he was subbing for a driver. this may not sound like fun to you but we had a blast!! Then of course we went trick or treating!!!

So all in all I think it went well, and the days that we had a small craft or something was usually a day that he had Gymnastics or Story time! We had so much fun, and are excited to see what next month brings!!