Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick Trip to Ohio

Miss you Dad! 

What true love looks like:)

Not sure why but all three boys put balls under their shirts haha!

So many beautiful flower arrangements for my fathers funeral, Thanks all who sent love and prayers!

Trying to stay busy so we decided to go feed the ducks!

And play on the playground!

Camp Nana


Bear Lake!

The water Blob!!

Hawaii night

Wrestling Micah on the Trampoline

Chinese lantrine

Camp Nana meeting

Mud Mess

We had so much fun at camp Nana!

what happened the last 9 months!

So I have  been bad about posting so here is a brief summary of what has went on the last 9 months.
Taya Naomi Jensen was born!

The dress Nana got her.

Colored whipping cream fun!

Making a fruit loop necklace.

Easter outfits!!

Grandpa helping Braxton color Easter eggs.

Some arcade fun, first outing after having Taya!

He wanted to do a photo shoot!

Taya's first real food!

My little fashion forward girl!

Backpack packed and ready to fly to Georgia then Ohio!

Our first flight as a family of 4!

Dolphin cruise fun:) 

The beach in Georgia.

Fun in the sun!

Braxton got to sit with the pilot because of his captain hat!! 

Amish country one of my favorite places to visit, Micah pushing my dad and Braxton!

Taya and my Dad!

Now this is how you feed a cow, haha, we were able to feed a lot of animals!

Our favorite part was feeding the giraffes!!

Braxton wanted to ride the baby donkey!

My mom and Taya!

Braxton and Aspen playing in whipping cream!!

Clara and Taya enjoying watching them!

Enjoying Bear Lake!

This boy and trucks!

Family reunion in Logan

Sifting for gold!

Braxton's favoite thing to do!!!!

Braxton's first selfie:)

Looking good in his suit!

a fun train ride!
Braxton and I spend as much time as we can helping Micah on the Ranch!